Tyngsborough Middle School Building Committee

Burt Buchman                                    Finance Committee Liaison

Mark Branco                                      Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Karen Cavanagh                              Community Member

Michael Flanagan                             Superintendent of Schools

Todd Goodrich                                  Community Member

Matthew Hanson                               Town Administrator

Joseph Messina                                  School Business Manager

Paul Mitchell                                       Community Member

Dominic Sementelli                            Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds

Chris Pollet                                          Tyngsborough Middle School Principal

Amy Pozerski                                       Community Member

Colin Loiselle                                       Assistant Town Administrator

Rebecca Stanton                               School Committee Chair

Anthony Tinnirella                               School Committee Member & Co-Chair of the SBC

Hillari Wennerstrom                             Board of Selectmen Member & Co-Chair of the SBC